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...and she has a total length of 92.42 m and a total width of 14.95 m. When she was launched in 2000 to conquer the world’s oceans, TATOOSH was ranked at number twelve of the world’s longest yachts.

Nobiskrug specializes in the construction of made-to-measure custom-built superyachts from 60 to 200+ metres. After launching TATOOSH, the yard went on to build some of the most ground-breaking yachts in the global fleet.

Known for pushing the boundaries and for not being a mass builder, every superyacht built by Nobiskrug is absolutely unique and embodies the individual vision of the owner, combined with innovative ideas and advanced technology.

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Planning space depends on how you intend to use it. TATOOSH was one of the first yachts built for more than just vacationing. Communications technology had opened amazing new lifestyle possibilities. No one understood this better than the original owner. Work, travel, exploration, fun, entertainment, relaxation and fitness - TATOOSH was built to encompass them all. 

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Such a major project bursting with innovative ideas required an interior designer up to the task. Terence Disdale was an inspired choice. Trained at Jon Bannenberg’s studio, Disdale’s design balances contemporary elegance with relaxed comfort – beach house not penthouse, as he likes to put it - as well as an intelligent approach to the use of space. Ask any yacht designer what the secret of a great interior is. Almost all will agree that it comes down to how the space is planned.

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Unlike most naval architects, Claus Kusch would design a yacht from the initial concept, including the naval architecture and styling, and then find the best yard to build her. Ultimately, he partnered with the Peters Werft Shipyard in Germany to build on his own account. Claus had a hands-on approach. He managed a construction from a project’s inception to the end of the warranty period. Kusch yachts were 100% custom made. 

Ground-breaking for her time, TATOOSH anticipated and influenced the way present-day expeditionary yachts are designed and built.

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It has a world of meaning…  

TATOOSH Island in the Makah Indian territory at the entrance to the Straits of Juan de Fuca in the Pacific North West is on the Indian spiritual route to Alaska. It shares its name with TATOOSH the Thunderbird whose feathers are as long as a canoe paddle. When TATOOSH flaps its wings, it makes thunder and great winds. When it opens and shuts its eyes, it makes lightning.

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     100A1 SSC Yacht (P) Mono G6,
     LMC, CCS, UMS, MCA, LY3


Built in steel for global navigation, TATOOSH is classified by Lloyd’s. Lloyd’s class certifies that the yacht was built and is maintained and operated to the highest levels of safety and compliance. Although she has mostly been used privately for pleasure, TATOOSH is commercially registered and has completed a number of very successful, very select charters, carrying a maximum of 12 guests.

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