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TATOOSH has exceptional amenities and capability. Ground- breaking when she was built, she is still striking today. Her fleet of tenders coupled with her beach club, wellness facility, diving and entertainment areas are hard to beat.

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The large beach club is designed around the main deck swimming pool and opens on three side. The port and starboard shell doors fold down onto the water with a swim platform aft.

A large hot tub overlooks the water when the transom door is open. A bar, pantry and the diving facilities with a Nitrox compressor are on the port side while the sauna, shower, WC and a smaller swim platform are starboard. The entire beach club has teak decking to ensure visual continuity between the inside and outside areas.

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Guest Area

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The whirlpool has a stainless-steel body that is completely tiled. Other features include a jet pump for the water jets. The water is heated electrically and has a 121kW bubble blower.

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TATOOSH carries six tenders plus four sit-down SEA Doos. The 7.4m (24’) Safeboat RIB and the 7.0m (21’) Pascoe RibTec are located on the bow with the SOLAS approved rescue boat. They are launched using the Cramm hydraulic deck crane.

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Chase was built by the Maine-based Hinckley Company which has been in business since 1928. The first Picnic Boat was launched in 1995 and quickly became a classic, redefining the standard of beauty and innovation on the water. The Hinckley 43’ Talaria is a more versatile development of the smaller picnic boat.


Frers Naval Architecture & Engineering was set up by Germán Frers Sr. in Buenos Aires in 1925. His son, Germán, took charge in 1970 after training with Olin and Rod Stephens in New York. Almost 2000 designs have been produced to date and Frers yachts have won every major trophy around the world.

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