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Imposing at 3,229 GT, TATOOSH’s streamlined and harmonious profile is enhanced by her powerful bow and the symmetry of her mast and funnel. 

Built in steel with an aluminum superstructure and teak decks, her exterior styling is by Claus Kusch who was also responsible for the naval architecture. 

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Superyacht design presents challenges far beyond those faced in land-based projects. First, there are the strict rules and regulations set by yacht compliance and industry codes - “you cannot think outside the box; you have to design inside the box with whatever creativity you have”.

In the case of TATOOSH, creativity meant melding functionality and design. Her instantly recognizable exterior is defined by the davits supporting the tenders port and starboard. Only with davits like hers can 12m I 43’ tenders be safely and quickly launched.

With a maximum range of 6,855 nautical miles at 12.5 knots (170rpm), TATOOSH has a proven track record of global navigation. She is able to go to sea for 30 days without replenishing stores.


TATOOSH has very low noise levels. On delivery, when cruising at 800 rpm the master stateroom recorded 38dba. All other accommodations were under 45dba, the same noise as a soft whisper; a level many yachts strive to reach, even today.

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Master stateroom office

Built for long range ocean navigation, TATOOSH requires almost no storm window covers as her windows were built with bulletproof 66cm triple laminated glass.

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A nearly 12-month refit was completed in 2021. Some highlights of the structural work performed at PetersWerft Shipyard, Wewelsfleth, Hamburg, are.
Works included her 20-Year Lloyds Class Surveys and 20-year hull thickness measurements. TATOOSH’s hull and superstructure were fully repainted, and her bottom painted with antifouling. Both helidecks were overhauled as were the cranes and the davits underwent their 5-Year tests and surveys. The transom and side shell doors were serviced and overhauled and all tenders were overhauled and re-painted.

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"Our superyachts are highly complex puzzles of custom-made solutions, high- quality equipment and challenging

innovative system integration”.


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